Sick Cat and Unexpected Vet Bill

So Dennis was really sick and I took him to the vet this past Wednesday. I had him tested for Feline Aids and Leukemia. Both tests came back negative so that was a big relief.
He did have a bronchial infection which was keeping him from eating and affecting his breathing. He also didn’t want to drink water but did sometimes.
He also had an eye problem which was really bad in one eye but not so bad in the other so I got medication for that as well.
He is doing much better. As of that very same night I could hear him purring. Before he would be purring but it wasn’t audible I guess because his nose was so stuffed? Not sure there.
By Saturday morning he was eating on his own which meant I didn’t have to force food on him anymore. That was a good thing. So all weekend I just focused on getting him his medications. The oral antibiotic twice a day and the eye medication four times a day.
I am almost out of the antibiotic so I will be calling the vet tomorrow to ask if I should get more. He seems to be much better in the bronchial infection so maybe he won’t need more. If he does that is an extra $17 added to the $103.25 that I still have yet to pay. I am glad my vet of choice works with me. It is a relief to know they are there in emergencies like this clearly was.
The picture below is of the cat the day in the vets office. I will post a picture update soon of how he looks now. The change is amazing although the one eye that was really bad still looks a little odd. I am sure that will look normal again really soon. =)
Sick cat at the vets
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