$300 dollars later…

And the four girls are fixed. That being Teeny Weeny, Tack, Terminator, and Trouble.
They are all healing well. Interestingly enough they have become more affectionate after being spayed? They have also managed to really grow on me.
I learned on the first day back that Trouble fits her name. Here I was thinking it was her much bigger siblings picking fights. Turns out it was little miss Trouble starting all the commotions. =)
I really only named her Trouble because the day they were born was when I found them. Trouble must have been born last and was the smallest of the four.
She also still had the sac and umbilical cord attached. The cord was wrapped several times around her little body.
I had to cut it off myself and boy that was a nervewracking thing at 2 or so in the am. LOL.
Terminator has developed this odd habit of licking me whenever she can. Mostly she likes to lick my hand but she will just keep doing it without stopping for a long time. LOL.
She also has this little sneer she does. It looks like her lip gets caught up on this one tooth near the rear of her mouth. It is totally hysterical though when she has that sneer and her head cocked to one side.
Tack is the biggest of the girls but not bigger than her brother Tyler. Teeny Weeny is mom and she won’t be having any more kittens. Sure she had cute babies but once is enough.
So once they heal from the surgery fully I can go about finding the daughters new homes. Mom stays with me always. She is my baby and I rescued her as a kitten.
I would love to keep them all but that isn’t realistic at all. After the healing I have more spay & neuter appointments to make which will cost more money.
Tyler, Boyd and Captain should go and will go money willing. Those are three boys though so they are less expensive. I do have one more female that needs to go – Sugar. I kept her from getting pregnant this last time she was in heat by keeping her inside and secluded but it was hard.
I hope to have more pictures of the other cats soon. I have a lot of pictures of already rescued & rehomed cats & kittens that I need to upload but I never seem to have enough time. These are cats & kittens from before I had this website.
Here is a picture of Sugar:
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