Four Kittens

One of my previous rescues had her first and last litter. She was so small I never though she would have four.
Teeny Weeny had her babies. I found them the morning of June 22nd. They were just hours old. I set up a nursery box. I put her and the four kittens inside and brought them in the house.
I had bet three and my mother had bet five. She made us both wrong. *grin* the fourth one was so tiny though… now one week later though you can’t tell it was born so small. It has really grown a lot. Two of the kittens are so pudgy. The other two are slimmer.
They are all adorable and all colored like their mother, Orange and White. I find that really odd. Usually kittens end up several different colors. I have never seen a litter all come out colored like the mother.
I will have pictures of the babies soon. Their eyes started opening two days ago. One still does not have his eyes open, two have them almost fully open, and one has his eyes partly open.
I hand raised Teeny Weeny from a young kitten so she has no problems with me touching her babies. Never has, not even when they were just a few hours old.
Her brother, Barney was a black and white cat. He was sadly hit by a car. I had hoped for at least one black and white in the litter but I still love them all just as much.
They are all cute in their own ways… especially the pudgiest kitten. That little face is just too adorable. I will try to keep this updated weekly.
Teeny Weeny will be fixed after they are weaned and before I let her back outside. She has adorable babies but really I have to be responsible. She is like a child to me and it is hard. There are just so many cats I can’t even leave one female able to breed if I can avoid it.
I let her have one litter because it really decreases their chances of devoloping a certain kind of cancer later in life. I also did not want to deprive her, or any cat, of at least the joy in one litter of babies. I am just glad there is also a health reason to back me up. *smiles*
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