Miss Kitty Texas – Adventures of Adopting a Feral Cat Colony

Miss Kitty Texas started several years ago now without a name, just a place. A place where I was limited as to what I could do but I still was out doing my best.

I answered every call for help and some just stumbled on from sheer luck. I rescued cats that were abandoned, lost, injured and more over the years.

When I purchased my own home I started doing more. I then also took in foster kittens which had not been weaned yet but had lost their mother. I was also able to get many cats spayed and neutered. The biggest part of this was adopting (or did they adopt me?) a feral cat colony that had 46 cats in all of various ages. Over close to 2 decades I worked with these cats to tame them and find most new homes. Some I could not part with of course. I fed them, provided vet care and had them spayed/neutered as fast as I could. The last trip was 23 cats (12 the first day and the rest the next day) to be spayed/neutered. I was a little sad that there would be no more kittens but also happy and relieved at the same time.

There have been many successful rescues and more joy than I knew what do with from them. There have also been a fair share of heartaches that I will never get over nor forget. It is part of the rescue effort. Not every cat can be saved.

This site is dedicated to Rocky, my most memorable rescue. It is also dedicated to all the other cats that have crossed my path over the years and to the cats who will cross my path in the future.

Some of us feel a strong calling. This was my calling. To rescue cats that were in need of shelter, love, nurturing or nursing. I answered the call.

A photo of Rocky I took before I had to say goodbye. I have not cried that much since.

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